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Saturday, September 6, 2008

On sessions

So some of what I write about on this site sounds sexy, even kinky, I know. Just a warning before you decide to contact me. Tantra is for seekers, people who are asking the big questions in life, like: What is the truth? How can I live in unconditional love? How can I crack through all illusions that keep me tied to false ideas of who I am? If your aim in life is security, stability and getting your needs met, Tantra may be a very bad idea for you. It has consequences which will upset those goals.

So if you were thinking of contacting me because you are looking for
  • sensual massage, erotic massage, tantric massage, sex or any other need fulfillment/ instant gratification
  • kama sutra let's pep up our sex life
  • relationship quick fixes
  • a kinky adventure
  • a solution to premature ejaculation
  • then please be so kind as to keep looking.

It is not that Tantra does not include all of the above, just that Tantra is a vehicle designed specifically for seekers. And please, don't try to convince me or yourself, for that matter, that you could be interested in meditation, etc. if that was the price you had to pay for having the above needs met.

Remember that I am a Dakini. We chop off heads if we need to. As one of my clients said recently: Underneath that lovely exterior there is steel. And he meant steel blade. For more on dakini's, see http://www.exoticindiaart.com/article/dakini/