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Saturday, September 6, 2008

On sessions

So some of what I write about on this site sounds sexy, even kinky, I know. Just a warning before you decide to contact me. Tantra is for seekers, people who are asking the big questions in life, like: What is the truth? How can I live in unconditional love? How can I crack through all illusions that keep me tied to false ideas of who I am? If your aim in life is security, stability and getting your needs met, Tantra may be a very bad idea for you. It has consequences which will upset those goals.

So if you were thinking of contacting me because you are looking for
  • sensual massage, erotic massage, tantric massage, sex or any other need fulfillment/ instant gratification
  • kama sutra let's pep up our sex life
  • relationship quick fixes
  • a kinky adventure
  • a solution to premature ejaculation
  • then please be so kind as to keep looking.

It is not that Tantra does not include all of the above, just that Tantra is a vehicle designed specifically for seekers. And please, don't try to convince me or yourself, for that matter, that you could be interested in meditation, etc. if that was the price you had to pay for having the above needs met.

Remember that I am a Dakini. We chop off heads if we need to. As one of my clients said recently: Underneath that lovely exterior there is steel. And he meant steel blade. For more on dakini's, see http://www.exoticindiaart.com/article/dakini/


  • At September 7, 2008 at 4:20 AM , Blogger I am That said...

    Interestingly Shakti, my latest emhasis in my work, came about as a result of a comment Rahasya made to me not so long ago, with reference to the sex industry. He said something along the lines of "whatever sparks a hunger for more..." and I took what he said to heart as it spoke to me. I have seen how many of my clients have developed a deeper desire for an inner life, when their initial interest in my work, was not that.

  • At September 7, 2008 at 8:09 AM , Blogger I am That said...

    Something beautiful that I read today:
    "Does one scent appeal more than another? Do you prefer this flavor, or that feeling? Is your practice sacred and your work profane? Then your mind is separated: from itself, from oneness, from the Tao. Keep your mind free of divisions and distinctions. When your mind is detached, simple, quiet, then all things can exist in harmony, and you can begin to perceive the subtle truth.'

  • At September 13, 2008 at 11:41 AM , Blogger Rahasya said...

    Ultimately, existence in it's suchness that is the teacher of us all.

    When we engage with another in an attitude supportive of their awareness, we are part of existence, doing that teaching.

    The unconditionality (the real love-as-such) that both you Tantrikas work with is not a "doormat" invitation to abusive, unappreciative and unaware persons to indulge.

    Some positions either/both of you may feel inclined to, from time to time, could look essentially "conditional", "resistant", "difficult", "outright bloody impossible", "non-negotiable" and so on to your client/students.

    It's a tricky paradox to understand, but right application of apparent demands and conditions are very helpful (perhaps utterly essential) to a seeker's progress.

    You have different styles in this. Over time, too, you will feel to adjust your conditions, in general, and specifically, in relation to particular students. This is perfectly good, and is also noticable in Tantrikas of all schools.

    Different styles means that you can benefit different seekers, in different ways. Help them with finding, or positioning the pieces of their personal jigsaw-puzzle.

    From my experiences with you both, I believe that sincere seekers of the tantric persuasion can benefit greatly from both your styles of teaching.

    Your inclination, what you find it "of use" to work with, comes from your individuality and your lifetimes of preparation for this work. The same applies to all other Tantrikas, of my school, and others. There is not a perfect "old tantra" somewhere, waiting to be rediscovered and restored. Rather, we are busy, weaving the threads of old, neo, modern, gnostic, tibetan, hindu and other "Tantras" into whatever Tantra is becoming.

    In finding your part, your work in the process of this, you will sometimes find your teaching, or an aspect of it fits a "niche", that it is helpful to "filter" a bit, to work with people who can benefit from your teaching. Also, as it is just a fact that you can only work with as many people as time allows, you will both, more and more, find this filtering to be more and more useful, letting you work with those for whom you can make the greatest difference.

    Both of you have experienced clients with no awareness of what you do, with very little appreciation for what you make available to them. My opinion is that anyone who finds Shakti's "warning" to be a wall, an obstacle to approaching her should stay well away from her teaching. She's not denying the "benefits" that many people seek in Tantra. She's just making clear, as you do, in your (gorgeous) writings, that Tantra is not really about better, improved, or masterful sex". That it is a deep journey into awareness and consciousness.

    One of my favourite Saints, Mark Twain, wrote: “You shouldn't try to teach a pig to sing. You waste your time and it annoys the pig.” Worth taking note of.

    This thing of "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear" is a bit weird when you are on the "teacher" side of things. Often, a student needs an archetypal challenge or few, and you are the "piece of existence" that presents that challenge. It isn't really an unwillingness, or a lack of totality to challenge people to what they can be.

    I know you both to be masterful indeed in the presentation of your challenges. Different challenges, different lessons, both vital to a rich world.

    And thanks for all this expression. I believe there are a lot of people now becoming ready for you both, and this will help them find you.

    From my perspective, you are both Bodhisattvas. Living Saints. You are both so deeply, so unusually close to truth in your everyday lives, so in resonance, in tune with existence, so present and full in your flowering.

    You won't get away with this. Seekers notice that kind of thing, and it is more and more obvious with each of you, day by day. You are both finding life busy, and it's going to get a lot busier still. You are both going to be challenged to "scale" your teaching, either by passing it on through others that you teach, or by finding ways to work where you can be of best effect, or (heaven forbid!) make your teaching more generally available, but necessarily less intimate...
    and these challenges are almost upon you.

    I watch with love, and delight of many flavours. You make this world interesting and beautiful, beloveds.

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