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Monday, January 19, 2009

Reflections on Conscious Sexuality Retreat

This is what retreatants had to say about the Conscious Sexuality Retreat:

"Thank you for a great and unforgettable week-end.It take courage to open oneself up,and initially I was a bit scared/curious .But the reward is great.It was a beautifull experience.It was also great to have met you."

"Shakti, how can words ever express what a gift You are to this planet!! The entire weekend was beyond anything I could ever have imagined! From the very beginning, I already felt incredibly blessed & safe to be working in your sacred space. Even the questions which were asked via email before our arrival were beautifully sensitive and deep, and I found myself falling into truth then already. The way in which you designed the workshop was simply profound...it felt like I was melting ever deeper with each day's meditation...melting and opening and soaring in a bliss that I have never previously experienced to this degree.

Your workshop is definitely for real lovers of Truth - and this I could tell from the moment we began. Some people are seeking, some are wanting more physical pleasures and tangible ways to enjoy 'sex'....to those I would say beware - your workshop is not about this. For me, it was about realizing the truth of my own inner beauty and divinity, opening into my goddess nature, surrending into the bliss that is always here.... and simply falling in love with myself! It was like a tender kiss from the Beloved Infinite! Delisciously indescribable!

Thank you for opening your heart so wide that you could hold the space for each participant to surrender as much as possible!

I truly honour the Light & the Life within you!"

" Why did I only discover you in my mid-forties? ... There is this report of some other man who attended a tantra workshop in his forties who immediately booked his twenty-something son for the next retreat, not wanting him to spend much of his adult life stumbling about and only using his sexual energy in shallow ways. This is EXACTLY how I feel: if only if I had known earlier... but I am still so very glad to have attended at all. The workshop opened up an entirely new, immensely deeper dimension to my (our:) sexual experiences.

I came to the workshop from a meditation background but wanting to experience my sexual activities at a deeper, more satisfying level. (I have never done anything related to tantra before in my life.) Well, I find what I was looking for and much, much more. The retreat combines meditations and sensual exercises - always at a gentle level without pushing participants into areas they don't want to go. Being a teacher myself, I was particularly impressed how you (Shakti) was constantly aware of every individual's particular state of readiness throughout the workshop. You ever so gently took each of us on our own path and gave individual guidance whenever we were ready to go on to the next level. Sometimes it was as little as a little touch or nudge, or a few words. Other times, it was taking some time to have a longer or deeper conversation. For me, the culmination and critical turn-around (catalyst?) in the weekend were the two evening talks. After being prepared throughout the day with the different exercises, my heart, mind and body were so open to your deep and caring wisdom. My lovemaking can never be the same again. And a lot of what happened that weekend has spilled over into the rest of my life: my interactions with others have got a much more sensual, caring undertone to them. THANK YOU!"

"The sensual beauty I experienced on this workshop opened my awareness to a world that I didn't know existed."

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Where are all the men?

I often hear women in conversation asking, with a touch of hopelessness, where all the conscious men are (and if there are any.) The answer is: They are busy doing Tantra! I have twice as many women as men on my mailing list, but nevertheless the men equal, and often outnumber, the women who actually come to events. Such beautiful men. I am just now coming from a Blissdance class where I had the privilege to witness the presence and sensitivity with which these men meet themselves, each other and especially, women. So now you know, women, where to go look!