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Monday, May 11, 2009

Judge not a Dakini by her appearance

In his lovely book The Quiet Girl, Peter Hoeg's main character travels alongside a powerful nun that he calls the Blue Lady. He describes her ages as maybe 70, maybe 270. He is shocked when, at the end of the the tale, she puts her arms around one of the main male characters. And then his thoughts are:

"She could have had anyone. She could have had one of the fourteen-year-old boys. Under slightly different circumstances, she could perhaps have had him, Kasper Krone."

What struck me when I read this, was that the Blue Lady was in fact an under cover Dakini. And that, despite her clearly advanced age, her powers, including her sexual prowess, had not diminished - in fact it had grown. But this one would only know if you had eyes to see.

I sometimes get asked for a photo by prospective clients. I may still put up photos at some stage, but for now my view is this: What are you likely to see in a photo? If I had sent you an image of the Blue Lady, would you have come for a session? Of course you would, if you could see like Kasper Krone. But he had to experience her first before he could see. Really see.

As with the Blue Lady, I have found that my image - what I look like - can change quite radically depending on what is of use for clients to experience at any given point. Which includes, of course, the necessary degrees of beauty and grace.