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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

England June 2012: Embodying woman, embodying man

A day after arriving from San Francisco, I walk into my BlissDance class, and get greeted at the door by a dancer from Bristol who had been so moved by the dance last year that he came all the way to dance with me again. His deep gaze and warm embrace epitomizes something to me about London: In this metropolis where people buzz past each other like bees on a constant mission, there is soul. In the estrangement of the inner city, there is a passion and love for intimacy and presence. And the Londoners dance with passion, too. I love it.

One of the magnificent facets of teaching in England is that everything gets taken care of by my super professional organizers: Paul Pradip and Prem Meera. Not only do I have a magnificent sound system for the dance, but also a microphone. This is the kind of style I like for my work.

Another facet is that teaching in London is bound to be teaching to a very multicultural group. In my women's workshop, there were only a couple of people from England, a few from other UK islands, many from the rest of Europe, and a few from Russia and South America, and one South African. Each country and culture has its unique collective unconscious and attitudes towards sexuality. The contrasting cultural assumptions about sexuality are refreshing for participants to hear, as this brings an element of witnessing - the ability to see beyond the beliefs of the tribes that we were raised in.

I find it tender and deeply moving to introduce the women's work in different parts of the world. I was aware in London of just how much difficulty we have in really opening to the feminine - how much pain and contraction we hold against opening to our own soft insides. And I am so touched by the courage of these women who will keep following their passion for the awakening of the feminine. I find that much of the work there is to do, is to get the women's inner masculines in a position of supporting and honoring their feminine, rather than hiding or overriding her.

And there is much healing to be done. My approach to healing, as you may know by now, is slightly unorthodox. One beautiful woman from Eastern Europe was overcome by fear and memories of rape and abuse in her female lineage when we did some anger work. I pinned her down to the ground and told her that I am not moving until she moves me. When finally she got the courage together to push me off, her face lit up, and her power shone through like a brilliant sun. The next day, she walked into the room filled with feminine radiance.

A week later, my partner Aaron Swanson arrived from San Francisco, and we went off to host a beautiful conversation about intimate presence - the true nature of intimacy, and the quality of presence that it requires. This was an introduction to our workshop in the Oxforshire countryside. It was a gathering of really sincere seekers, and it was beautiful to teach with Aaron, who embodies something of the masculine so beautifully. Our weekend was an exploration of masculine and feminine, man and woman. We introduced three levels of focus: the gross, the subtle and the causal. The gross level is that of the physical body, and also of the sexual unconscious. The subtle is working with energetic awareness in sexuality - prana, chi, kundalini - and the differences in subtle energy flow between men and women. The causal level is the level at which we experience, and live from our essence - in consciousness, in love, and in being. We introduced practices for awakening the masculine and the feminine on all three those levels, and for the deep meeting and marriage between masculine and feminine.

For me, perhaps the most beautiful moment of my visit to England this time was when I introduced the flow of female sexual energy to the whole group, and encouraged the men to let themselves enter fully into the experience of the feminine. Their awe and delight was SO palpable in the room during the experience that people broke out into joyful laughter. And then when Aaron was introducing masculine sexuality, the sense of possibility that this opened or both the men and the women. When Aaron talks about 'the intelligence of the penis', everybody sits up to listen - what a concept!

We are coming back to England for the Osho Leela Tantra festival 8 - 12 August. If I could bi- or tri-locate, I think England would for sure be one of the countries where I would love to spend months of the year. Just because of the quality of the seekers, their wilingness and readiness. The weather - well, what can I say.. it's refreshing :)


  • At June 26, 2012 at 2:19 PM , Anonymous Kalyani said...

    It was a real stepping stone to be attending your Tantra Man - Tantra Woman Awake residential workshop with Aaron, and witness the alchemy of your joint teaching as well as experience the deep and powerful practices you introduced us to. Thank you Shakti. I'll never be the same again :)

  • At October 5, 2012 at 1:00 AM , Anonymous contact us said...

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