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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Waking up to this moment: The Form Reality Practice

 This year July my partner Aaron and I attended a retreat in Tuscany with realized master Bernie Prior, and we learnt how to teach his exquisite movement practice called The Form Reality Practice. The openings that have come for me from being with Bernie and doing The Form have been profound. I want to describe here a moment in my day to illustrate.

I have been practicing The Form twice a day. This is what happens for me in practicing it. As I close my eyes, I drop into the infinite spaciousness of pure consciousness. I come home to the vast presence that I am. This is my masculine loving and holding my feminine in deep truth. As my palms turn outward and float upward. sensation starts to course through my body. I feel everything. I feel the subtlest, most exquisite flow of sensation from my fingertips up through my whole body. As my hands lift up to the height of my heart and start to open up, I feel my heart opening up. What a profound mystery, the opening of this heart. It holds within it the whole universe, when I just say yes to that. When I drop deeply into the moment, as happens to me in The Form, then this moment opens to me. Takes me. Makes a new reality through my body. Creates miracles. Moves me through limitations.

When I do The Form with someone in the chair receiving it, I get to feel their soul. I feel how galaxies move through them. I feel how their love moves in side them. I feel how consciousness rests in them. It is the sweetest, exquisite, cosmic intimacy - truly seeing another human being for the miracle that they are, and not denying the seeing, or the love that there is between us. It is the love of the universe, expressing itself so uniquely with each encounter.

This morning, after doing The Form, I am dancing outside in nature. I tenderly open my arms, and feel the whole world coming into my heart. The trees, the blue sky, the river, the leaves, the birds, the people around me - they are all inside me. And there is no end to the spaciousness of my being.  my fingers are extending into infinity. I am quivering. I am crying. I am laughing. There is no stopping, no control. Shakti pours through me. I am all Shakti, there is no more 'me'. What an exquisite liberation!

I experience inside myself a deep union of the masculine and the feminine. According to Bernie's understanding, which feels true in my experience, the masculine holds consciousness - deep, contentless, space, the knowing of who we are beyond the changing forms of our being. The feminine is the embodiment of consciousness. She is all the forms of life. And she is Love. Shakti, the feminine principle, only finds her true ecstasy and only comes home to love when she arises from consciousness. Without the stillness and truth of the masculine, she can get overwhelmed with her own endless creative impulse, and lose the depth of this moment.

To be able to open to all of life, to feel it all, to BE it all - what a life to have! It requires a letting go of the small self, or the idea that I am my history, and my personal wants and needs. It requires a full opening to this precious moment. When I drop deeply into this moment, everything becomes possible, New realities get birthed through me. This is what I have learnt from Bernie, and what I am experiencing in my life through the gift or practicing The Form. Bernie calls The Form Reality Practice, because it is a practice in entering the Real - the truth of this moment - and a letting go of the unreal - the stories we have created about this moment through our attachment to the past and projections into the future.

The Form and working with Bernie has taken my relationship to a whole new level. We have dropped through so many layers of self that kept our relationship in egoic structures. We are opening to the divine feminine and masculine in each other, and supporting each other through our loving and presence with each other to deeper levels of awakening. Our sexuality has become more infused with light, subtlety, presence and wonder. Ancestral patterns drop away and get integrated. My awe keeps deepening about the wonder of what is possible in this life.