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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wake Up to your Senses


For a woman to wake up to her full juicy aliveness, she wants to say YES to her sensual nature — and live through ALL her senses. This series of connected practices will help you open your senses more fully.
Feeling Instead of Thinking
Realize this: the Feminine embodied is a Feeling creature, not a Thinking one. Imagine a Feline stretching luxuriously in the sun, looking at a bird with immaculate attention, and floating her furry tail up into the air like an antenna picking up everything. That’s HER – the Feminine – walking her walk.
You may think there is no place for this way of being in your busy life as a professional or a mother. But is that true? When do you find yourself to be more impactful, more graciously and magnetically loving and changing the world around you: when you are thinking; or when you are in your skin, in your body?
Exploring the Senses One by One
To assist you in making the shift into being a Feeling creature, I suggest the following practice:

Focus on one sensory modality for the day – and pay attention to it. If it’s smell, then notice all the subtle and not so subtle smells that fill your day.

Ride them like a magic carpet. Tune into smells like a radio station through which you can experience the world – just for this day. You could also choose sounds, sensations, visual impulses or tastes.
Tomorrow, move on to another sense. You have five days to immerse yourself in each one of these perception-faculties. Notice the quality of bliss that starts to pervade your day. People might comment and ask if you are in love. And you, of course, can just smile back at them and nod. In love… yes, with life.
Eating a Peach
Now let’s go a step deeper with our senses. Get yourself a really juicy peach or any other soft fruit. Hold it in your hands. Feel it. Smell it. Enjoy its visual beauty. Then slowly, very slowly, start to eat your peach. You want to take at least 20 minutes to finish eating the whole peach. Savor every bite.

Let yourself totally indulge in the taste, the smell, the sensation of juice running down your chin. Who needs alcohol when you can take your time to eat a peach? I have seen this practice start a revolution in women’s relationship with the sensory world, and in the nature of their embodiment.
Going Subtle
We spend so much of our day only paying attention to the superficial or gross level of our sensory experience. I encourage you to take some time to feel into the more subtle levels of your sensory experience. Here are some examples that I notice when I tune into my subtle perception:
  • I notice the silences in between the sounds that fill my day. I let those silences sing to me. There are even silences between the clicks of my keyboard now as I type. I listen also to the melody of the sounds – the unique rhythm they create.
  • I feel the movement of the air and the quality of the light where I am. I notice how the air and the light touch everything around me – and how trees, buildings, people all respond differently to this touch.
  • I let myself perceive the movements inside my heart… the flow of gratitude, a sadness or tenderness passing through and how that moves as sensation through my body.
  • I notice the sensation in my body when I meet someone else. Even when the sensation is uncomfortable, I stay open and curious, not taking it personally – enjoying the unique flow of communication through the senses in our meeting.
Writing a Poem
Finally, I encourage you to put pen to paper and write a simple poem about your encounter with your senses. Here is my poetic offering to you.
The Kiss – by Shakti
Open your lips
Ever so slightly
For the gentle kiss of life –
That breeze which almost dares to lift
The hairs of your newborn cheeks
The first sunrays
Slipping through your sleeping eyelids
That odor of expectant soil –
It is them that have come to tell you
The Beloved has arrived.
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I would love for you to join me and many other amazing women from around the world who will be a part of this powerful learning community.
With a warm embrace,

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